About The People's Kitchen

Food is where we meet, where we build, where we struggle, and where we survive.

The People's Kitchen Collective (PKC) works at the intersection of art and activism as a food-centered political education project. Based in Oakland, California, our creative practices reflect the diverse histories and background of collective members Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik, Jocelyn Jackson, and Saqib Keval. Written in our family's recipes are the maps of our migrations and the stories of our resilience. It is from this foundation that we create immersive experiences that celebrate centuries of shared struggle.

Collectively cooking and sharing food is sanctified and celebrated community work in many cultures. With the passage of time, systems of imperialism--including capitalism and gentrification--have turned cooking into an inaccessible burden. Systemic classism and racism have made liquor stores and fast food chains more abundant than grocery stores. It has become increasingly difficult to cook and share meals. This also restricts our ability to share cultures, space, struggles, and solidarity.

In response to this inequality we have been creating accessible, healthy, and loving food spaces since 2007. Active in Oakland since 2011, we are committed to using local and organic ingredients whenever possible and sharing meals with as many people as we can. The goal of The People's Kitchen Collective is to not only fill our stomachs but also nourish our souls, feed our minds, and fuel a movement.



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