About The People's Kitchen

The People’s Kitchen is a grassroots community restaurant project based in Oakland, Ca. focused on creating and sharing accessible and delicious shared meals reflective of our diverse communities.

We present multi-course, pay-what-you-can dinners that are intersectional collaborations between activists, artists, academics & chefs with highly researched and curated menus that tell stories of political movements and community migrations through food. Our grassroots, pop-up restaurant model has been replicated in cities around the world to support a number of radical political social justice projects and our family style dinners and large public meals in Oakland, Ca have been wildly successful.  

Founded in 2007, our collective offers catering, workshops, lectures, consulting and pop up dinners. Our highly popular monthly pay-what-you-can dinner engages diners in meaningful dialogue about social justice issues and community needs over the course of a full service, multi course, family style dinner cooked by rotating guest chefs. For each dinner we partner with a different community based social justice organization and donate the proceeds to them. The People’s Kitchen is not only a highly successful food project, but also a vibrant movement building and fundraising project for social justice work. 

The goal of The People's Kitchen is to not only fill our stomachs but also nourish our souls, feed our minds and fuel a movement. We use food and recipes as a tool for storytelling and reclaiming community knowledge. We believe that sharing food and building community knowledge are key to the process of decolonization. 


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